Anxiety attacks…


my name is haley and I am 23 years old. I suffer from anxiety attacks very often… I hope my story helps someone.

How it all started.

In 2012 I knew something was wrong. Ever have a gut feeling? Well I sure did. It was a warm summer morning, very early. I woke up and started to cry out of the blue. I then checked my phone for that bad news. And noting happen. You are all probably wondering that’s a good thing right? Wrong. Remember that gut feeling well it was right.

My father is a very hard working man. I never in my life seen him cry… when I was in my room that morning I heard the door open and my mum saying, “haley you’re dad is standing on the porch…” I hurried up and went running to him. Dad are you okay? Why aren’t you at work? He turned to me… and told me the worst news of my life. And what started my anxiety attacks. He told me that my big brother had passed away…

Crazy to think that is why I woke up randomly and started to cry. Trust the gut feeling you have. My story continues but I wont bore you in this post.